Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hot Town Porn in the City!

Just got done watching a little item I picked up on ebay, Private Studio's, Porn in the City. It has some linked story with a group of women apparently describing recent sexual escapades. I pretty much fast forwarded through that. While I don't mind it being there my life is very busy and I don't have time for that sort of thing. The scenes themselves are pretty hot. The stand-outs being Lucy Lee's since she's always fucking hot. The Diana Gold scene is pretty good as well. The Anetta Keys/Angel dark dildo scene has it's moments, mostly due to the fact that both of these women are gorgeous. It's a crime against nature that as far as I know, that Anetta Keys has never ridden stick in her career! The scene with Seline is very hot as well though no anal. She does a good job posing her legs and keeping her feet in frame. I like a woman who is aware that many of us love a woman's body as something other than a placeholder for a vagina which is the case with faaaar too many porn movies. There's a nice scene at the end where Ian Scott kidnaps Lucy Lee and puts her in jail for consorting with criminals. Loyal Lucy won't squeal and Ian and Vanessa May take her to task, ostensibly to get some information out of her but that thread gets lost along the line. It does make for some hilarious English dialogue before clothes start coming off. Both chicks end up taking Ian in both holes interchangeably and there's a little ATM. While the overall feel is a little bloodless the women approach things with gusto and as expected, we get a happy ending. Though this flick is a little old at this point it's typical Private, gorgeous woman, looking great and nice production values.