Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mother Daughter Exchange Club #19

I'm sure that we all have those moments when you're looking for something that you read about on adultdvdtalk or some site and searching your favorite dvd dealer and a cover catches your eye. Then you figure that you might as well add one to the order to save on shipping or whatever rationale works for you. Well, that happened to me and I think it might have been Jessi Palmer on the cover and the fact that at $9.98 I didn't feel that I was going out on a limb money-wise.

I loves me some milf action and what could be better than paired up with a young hottie. What I didn't expect was that it was going to be as hot as it is. The kissing is seriously hot and though I had serious anal plugging, cream pie, cum dripping other DVD's waiting in the stack I didn't make it through this one. I was surprised because the action isn't explicit in that gynecological sense but the heat between the women more than makes up for that. In fact the focus further shots allowed me to enjoy the totality of the women's bodies and the entwining and rubbing that was going on. I mean I like looking at a pussy as much as the next guy but I love to see a women's legs tense up without cutting away and in the first two scene have plenty of that. The actresses all seemed like they were into it and that really counted for something. The staging was simple and to be honest I skipped over the storyline. The walls in my apartment building are thin so I tend to play the volume down low so I tend to miss most dialogue. But it's the action that I crave and here I feel like I've found something honest and direct that actually tends to some of the complaints I had about say, X-art. Which is cutting away from the women's body to indulge the gyno pov.

I'll probably check out some others in the series and I checked out the web site as well. You should too: